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From: Robert Plank, Author of "Why, What, How-To, What-If"

"Book Formula" is a digitally delivered, instant access online course that transforms you from a frustrated (but smart) business owner (or coach/consultant) INTO an in-demand published author.

The truth is that many people out there want to become published authors -- to pass their book out as a business card, get people in their funnel (Amazon is a great traffic source to build a list of buyers),land speaking engagements and joint ventures...

Unfortunately, the "average" person, after all these years of wishing and wanting, still does NOT have a book for these reasons:

  • They let overwhelm and negativity get to them -- "Book Formula" creates your book WITH you

  • They let technical (and minor) details get in the way -- we make it simple for you

  • They over-complicate the process for themselves and make it take too long -- our #1 goal is to get your book created QUICKLY and EASILY

Inside "Book Formula" -- you'll discover:

Module #1: Find Your Book's Hook,
Then Flesh Out Your Concept, Cover & Mock-Up
Instant Online Access

Hit the ground running and make more progress on your book in this first module than most people do in a year, or even throughout their entire career! Our goal for you by the end of this session is for you to hold a physically printed "mock up" (blank pages inside) of your book, so you'll be motivated to continue:

  • Use our template to create a unique, concise & powerful bio for your website & back cover

  • Confusion Destroyer: Flesh out the ten possible concepts for your book into "the best one"

  • Based on your one concept, flesh out 10 possible titles into the best one

  • Show you how to register a short & memorable web address so people can easily find your book

  • Create your professional attention-getting book cover with your title, subtitle, photo and bio in Canva (front & back)

  • Upload an "unlisted" book (with 100 page blank template for now, with pre-made "book of quotes" available and bonus instructions on how to make your own quotes book)

  • Order your own book to be dropped off at YOUR doorstep in the postal mail

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Module #2: Develop Your Outline,
& Keynote Presentation
Instant Online Access
  • Ensure your book covers an in-demand subject that the market wants to know about using our three sources of research (NEVER start your book without checking these exact sources)

  • The proven way to develop your outline -- chapters of your book -- that I routinely use to write a book in 7 days and have used twice to create a SAME DAY BOOK... a fully-written published book that I published the same day I thought of the idea, with zero preparation

  • The "Doodle & Present Method" that you'll use to create the first big chunk of your book without even trying!

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Module #3: Record, Edit &
Pre-Sale with Your Book-Selling Website
Instant Online Access
  • Speak out your book on your computer (Mac or PC, no software installation required) all at once or in pieces, in your own time, exactly the way you want it!

  • The exact microphone & recording equipment (low-end and high-end options) to record your book -- this is exactly what we use -- as well as the (web-based) software tools to get it done

  • How to get your book transcribed and edited for cheaper than you thought possible

  • Click once to copy or "clone" a copy of your website template that sells your book, builds your prospect list, and tells people more about YOU

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Module #4: Publishing, Monetization & Traffic
Instant Online Access
  • How to format your book the EASY way -- most people let this simple thing prevent them from getting their book live, right at the finish line!

  • How to Publish to digitally on Amazon Kindle

  • Get your paperback version online and selling to others -- let people buy online, mail them as gifts, or even buy a big box of your own books to hand out!

  • A few obvious (but very underused) and some not-so-obvious methods of marketing your book AND yourself -- for example, printing "private label copies" for specific individuals & organizations you want to contact

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Bonus 1: "Podcast Guesting" Case Study
Instant Online Access

Most published books only sell 1,000 copies throughout the lifetime of the book. Don't be another statistic! Successful book authors make an effort to promote their book to new audiences every single week, and you can too with just 5 to 60 minutes of action-taking every week.

We'll show you how to get other podcast hosts (who are always looking to speak with authors such as yourself) to promote your book on a consistent basis.

Bonus #2: "Audiobook Publication" Case Study
Instant Online Access

Audible (owned by Amazon) gives you the little-known capability to list your book in AUDIO format in addition to your Kindle digital and paperback versions. This is a great way to boost your book sales (since your book is listed in even more marketplaces) AND make more money from your book (since the profits on an audiobook are much higher). In this case study, we'll show:

  • How I've published my own book on Audible in audio format (step by step process)

  • How to record and upload your own audiobook narration YOURSELF if you so desire!

  • Alternative: how to hire a narrator on ACX that you can pay upfront, or split the royalty payments

Bonus #3: "Compilation Book" Case Study
Instant Online Access

There are so many ways to build up passive (residual) income as a published author when you THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! One such way is to get yourself in, or assemble your own, compilation book containing multiple in-demand authors including yourself. In this case study, we'll show you:

  • Workflow & timeline

  • How to contact authors for interviews & record

  • How to take payments

  • Pocketbooks

Bonus #4: All-in-One "Book Website" Clone

Clone or copy our website template to funnel curious website visitors (who come to you from Google searches, Facebook, and YouTube) into buying your book. AND, take your book buyers OFF Amazon to build your list and sell high-ticket products and coaching!

  • Front page with book cover, links to your book

  • Email opt-in page to get people interested in your book

  • Thank you page with YouTube videos + link to book

Bonus #5: Interview You on the "Marketer of the Day" Podcast About Your Completed Book
To ensure your book gets the attention it deserves, Robert Plank will interview you on the "Marketer of the Day" podcast (over 300,000 downloads) talking about YOUR book and positioning YOU as an expert to his listeners.
Here's Everything You Get Inside the
"Book Formula" Online Course

  • Module 1: Concept, Cover & Mock-Up ($297.00 value)
  • Module 2: Outline, Keynote & Website ($297.00 value)
  • Module 3: Record & Edit ($297.00 value)
  • Module 4: Publishing, Monetization & Traffic ($297.00 value)
  • Bonus 1: "Podcast Guesting" Case Study ($197.00 value)
  • Bonus 2: "Audiobook Publication" Case Study ($197.00 value)
  • Bonus 3: "Compilation Book" Case Study ($197.00 value)
  • Bonus 4: All-in-One "Book Website" Clone ($197.00 value)
  • Bonus 5: Podcast Interview About Your Book ($197.00 value)
Total Value: $2,173.00
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